It has been some time since I posted, but today I read about the last flight of the spaceshuttle Endeavor.

This flight is special and not because it is the last one. According to what I read on Michio Kaku’s Big Think blog it carries a piece of scientific equipment that costs about 2 billion dollar and was 17 years in the making. It is a particle accelerator with only one goal: trying to find out what the origin of the universe is and to find what it is made of.

Now many people might think the universe consists mainly of nothing, with matter scattered around consisting of galaxies, stars and planets. But that is not what we mathematically find or as Lawrence M. Krauss puts it: “NOTHING is not NOTHING anymore”. Quantum physics shows us that matter pops in and out of existence constantly and contributes to the existence of the universe. And it is probably the cause of the Big Bang. Since we found that out, the Big Bang isn’t considered anymore to be the beginning of the universe, but just an incident that happened in a kind of universe before ours. At the same time we had to assume that there are more dimensions than the 3 space dimensions we are aware of and that the laws of nature as we know them are probably confined to our own universe that might be part of a multiverse, all different but all existing at the same time. And TIME itself is the biggest mystery of all. But for now, let’s stick to the matter in our universe.

If we add up all the matter we can detect in the universe, it accounts for only 3% of what we should find to explain what we see: a universe of galaxies that move away from eachother at an ever increasing speed. Theoretically there should be more matter and more energy. A lot more. Besides that, it should be all around us – the universe should be filled with it.

I also read something about Tesla, the “mad scientist”. Tesla was a genius, who made a lot of inventions and without whom the “electric world” would be very much different. Some people don’t realise that even the lightbulb is his invention. You probably think it was Edison (or rather the Englishman Joseph Swan), but the fact is that for this invention Edison used 17 of Tesla’s patents. But Tesla was not a business man, and Edison was.

One of Tesla’s famous projects he did was unknowingly funded by Westinghouse Co. Tesla distracted electricity from the sky and transmitted it wireless. He wanted poor areas like Africa to enjoy electricity as well. Of course Westinghouse pulled the plug when this was discovered, because Westinghouse, like Edison, was in it for the money. “Free” energy is not an option.
Nowadays we see the same thing with cars that can drive on tapwater and with the developement of Free Energy (zero point energy).

Scientists used to believe in Aether. It was the substance that was all around us and through which energy could flow. It was the explanation for radio waves travelling through the air and light travelling through space. Scientists rejected the idea because tests in the 19th century couldn’t detect it – just as we are unable to detect Dark Matter. People like Lorentz offered theories why aether could not be detected. But the idea of aether was left, because in 1905 Einstein’s special theory of relativity didn’t need it anymore. So the idea of aether was left.

Only Tesla didn’t. He stated that one day science would have need for aether again and it seems he was right. Aether was also called the fifth element, because it should be very much different than the other four: air, water, earth (matter) and fire. Now it seems we DO have a fifth element on our hands, a matter that can not be detected (yet) and we therefore call Dark Matter.

On Wikipedia I read “in physics there is no concept considered exactly analogous to aether, however Dark Energy is sometimes called quintessence due to its similarity to the classical aether”. Isn’t that interesting!

Was Tesla right after all? I, for one, think he was.
Was Einstein wrong? I don’t think so, because Einstein was not happy about it himself and looked for other answers, espescially the Theory of Everything. And Einstein even used the word “Aether” for the gravitational field within general relativity, but his terminology never gained widespread support.
But it seems we still need the idea of Aether and now call it Dark Matter. And it has to do with the gravitational field as well. No Einstein wasn’t wrong, he wasn’t just done yet and died unhappy about it.