It is Easter.
For me that is not a big deal because I am skeptic about the story connected to this originally pagan festival. In fact, I have a problem with the whole New Testament.
But I am interested in the Old Testament, although I am not jewish. Perhaps because I respect the jewish faith more than christians do and because I can understand why Jesus was considered a heretic by the Jews. The claims Jesus made are doubtful and can only be accepted on faith alone.
My mind doesn’t work that way.

Nevertheless I have always been intrigued by all religions and the mystery schools, because they are all looking for answers.
For me the best answers come from science. For the answers that science can not give (yet), I find it interesting to look at alternatives and read what others have to say.

My first problem is GOD.
There is not a real definition of what God is and the Bible makes it even harder to understand. But the Old Testament is the Thorah and owned by the Hebrew people. I deliberately say HEBREW people, because it is not even certain that the people who call themselves Jews these days are the descendants of the original Hebrew people. For all I know the real descendants of the Hebrews have been converted to Islam. Or, the real Hebrews are black people, because different african tribes claim to be of Jewish descent. And science proved that at least the claim of the Lemba tribe is true. It is something to think about. Check this video.

So what is the Thorah all about.
In the very first sentence God is introduced.
One thing about the first sentence we all know: the word for God is ELOHIM.
This is the normal word jews in Israel use for God. The peculiar thing about this word is that it is plural. In English it would read: “In the beginning Gods created the heaven and the earth”. Scholars found that although the word is plural, in sentences it is used as a singular word.

The Genesis is also called The Book of B’reishit, the first word, which is translated as “In the beginning”. But it doesn’t mean a “real” beginning, so it doesn’t say that there was nothing before it. Now that is an interesting idea.
Because I don’t read or speak Hebrew, this information came from a rabbi who was speaking on a radio programm and I heard it because at the time I was the soundengineer who recorded it. That was at least 25 years ago. But now there is internet and I found the same information on this website:

I quote:
The word ‘B’reishit’ does not mean simply ‘In the beginning’; it implies ‘In the beginning of..’: ‘In the beginning of G-d’s creating of the heavens and earth, He said..’
This creation, the heavens and earth, came into existence at a particular time but it does not represent the beginning of all time and it does not represent the beginning of all creation.

But the rabbi told me that there is even another meaning for that word. Hebrew has no vowels, only consonants. According to this rabbi, that could mean that the first word could be pronounced differently (I have forgotten what it was) and that would change the translation into: “By wisdom”, so “By wisdom Gods created the heavens and the earth”. This is also interesting, but I haven’t been able to find that information anywhere else.

So it is Elohim that created all that we experience as our environment.
But what happens in the second chapter of the Genesis?
The name of God changes to Adonai Elohim (from vs.4)
Here also are two plural words. Adonai is the plural form of Adon.
Adonai Elohim could therefore mean something like Lords of Lords.

The word Adon is used many times in the Bible and can mean many things, from husband to king to angel and even a slave owner(!). But does it READ Adonai Elohim in the second chapter of Genesis? No, it doesn’t.
second chapter of Genesis

You can check here that it actually is written as YHVH ELOHIM.
Of course YHVH is not pronounced, so when read they say Adonai.
But what does it mean!
Well, God has many names in the Thorah and I have always found that although Judaism is considered a monotheism, it probably isn’t. Perhaps it is more a henotheism and maybe YHVH is one of the Elohim (gods) who the hebrew people accepted as THEIR God.
You can also think of this God as the supreme ruler, like the Greeks had Zeus (= Deus !), but also other gods.

Now if you go in this direction it gets really complicated, because Zeus was, like Jesus, called the SAVIOUR (Soter) and when the Greek Ptolemy I (ptolemy SOTER) became pharaoh of Egypt, he wanted to be a god, like all the Egyptian pharaohs before him.
So the God “SERAPIS” was created, and his statue, resembling a greek person with a beard (how we picture Jesus) is in the British Museum.
According to one account, the followers of this God Serapis were called … Christians. This might well be one of the origins of the Jesus-story.

Back to the “real” God of the Bible, YHVH.
If you want to check ALL the names of God, check this page:
Names of G-D
It has soundbites as well and an explanation for everyone of the many names.
The real name of God was not to be pronounced, so many names were necessary to describe this God.
Even YHVH is probably not meant to be a name, but more a description as you can find on this site, checking the 3 letters Y (yod), H (Hey) and V (Vav).
Hebrew Alphabet

I will give you a kabbalistic explanation of the importance of that word YHVH.
If you put the Hebrew letters on top of each other you see something recognisable: a person.
See this picture.
The Y is the head, the H are the arms, the V is the chest and the H are the legs. Although in that picture the Y is the head, it is called “the rib”, because if you take it away, you get HVH, which means Hawah, or EVE.
So Adam is made in the image of God, YHVH, and without Adams “rib”, HVH, or Eve is born.
The kabbalah however originated in the 7th century so although a nice explanation, it is of little importance.
Also check this page.

It shows that letters and numbers are really very important in the Thorah. That is also why it is forbidden to change anything (not one “jota”) in the Thorah. It would take apart the hidden message that lies in the words, the mystical meaning of the letters and the numerical data.
Check this page again.

And more on this you will find here.

On the following page I gave you before you will find the hebrew alphabet (a word actually named after the first two letters, Aleph and Bet) and you will also find numerical info (although not so much) and sometimes even mystical meanings of certain letters
Hebrew Alphabet
This is really very interesting and gives you something to think about.

If you look at the name of Jesus in Hebrew, you will find that it is written as
YH(sh)VH. Now you see that there is one extra letter, Shin, and the other letter form YHVH, the name of God.
Is that the reason why Jesus called himself the son of God?
Or was he given that name because he called himself the son of God?
Anyway the letter Shin means THIS WORLD and the other letters YHVH is God. So was Jesus God on this world? Or is it just his name that suggests it and is that the philosophy behind it.

No, it is not as simple as christians (espescially on YouTube) seem to think.
Whether it is even true or not is an open question, hence it is a believe and not a fact.
The Hebrew philosophy and the amazing structure of their alphabet and numerical consequences that follow it, makes the Thorah much more interesting than the simple dictate of the New Testament.
For me, anyway.